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Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:44 pm  

Good Afternoon!

Today we would like to announce that we are actively looking to add a few dedicated members to our content development teams. As we do have small, simple development teams already in place. "Ex Inferno Studios" for example, and a small streamer base, we are interested in aggressive expansion back into the world of Social Media, Video and Animation, as well as audio/video commentary.

So what does this entail?

Firstly, we are looking for folks who are truly passionate about gaming. Everything we do, Join. Connect. Game On. is based around gaming together as a community.

Also, we want people who are interested in an opportunity to achieve something great and work in a TEAM based environment led by some of our own strong and knowledgeable leaders. As this is an opportunity also for folks to learn from each other and some of the best already in the entertainment and content development industries. You, if added, will have a chance to hone your skills as an artist or creative.

Whats in it for you?

As we are not a legal corporation (Yet), we cannot legally pay you for your services (Also yet, wink wink). However, we can provide you with a platform for success in both personal endeavors and future growth of the Ex Inferno brand.

You will also gain notoriety and public acknowledgement as your content will be on display for the world to see.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to grow in a team based environment and hone your skills in whatever field you choose.

Reel value as well, as your public work will be allowed for usage and display for employment opportunities.

What exactly are we looking for/need?

In no particular order or ranking,

1. Editors, versed in Adobe (Final Cut is a bonus).
2. Graphic Artists
3. VFX Artists
4. Cinematographers
5. Camera Handlers


6. Voice talent/Livecast
7. Podcast Talent/Audio Recording
8. Website developers
9. Marketing (Focus on Social Media).

Other opportunities as they present themselves.

This is an ongoing search, and will close when we are satisfied with the teams that we currently have.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Reply here.

If you are interested, you may reply here, but it is best if you DM me here on the forums are get with me in TS/Discord.


Business Inquiries: Quick@Exinferno.com

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